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Including the repertory of the legendary musician Gogos Petridis as well

Legendary Pontic lyra player Gogos Petridis (1917-1984) was a pioneer of his time. His unique playing technique of the traditional ‘hardcore’ Pontic music repertory including table songs, the so-called ‘epitrapezia’, as well as songs that include different types of rhythms, made his style of performance practice unique. What was remarkable and distinguished Gogos from all other lyra players was his ability to introduce new musical ideas and performance techniques on the Pontic lyra borrowed from other traditional musical instruments. He was able to adapt the playing technique of the clarinet, the violin and the Greek bouzouki on the lyra in a way that when it came to performance, the instrument sounded sweet and melismatic without spoiling the original sound of the lyra. Learn with me this repertory and master your playing technique. Send us your favorite Gogos Petridis YouTube link or an mp3 file at Feel the energy of this amazing style of playing the lyra. Introducing a contemporary performance practice on the Pontic lyra is an exciting and challenging process. Master your technique. Master the lyra! Push the boundaries and improve the endless musical possibilities of the lyra!

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